Bumifood Bakso Series

Meatball is one of the common dishes that we often serve for the family when dining or snack during a leisure time. Bumifood now comes with its selection of Bumifood Bakso Series. There are 4 variants that can be enjoyed by us: squid meatballs, beef meatball, shrimp meatballs and fish meatball.

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Bumifood Regular Series

The secret of our product excellence is the delicacy of the products that we produce, such as our products in the Regular Series category. The combination of crispy Lumpia Skin combined with the great quality of meat, and fresh vegetables from Bumifood, making our products very suitable to accompany your quality time with family and friends.

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Bumifood Gourmet Series

Because of our desire to always give the best to our consumer, now Bumifood comes with better quality with Bumifood series Gourmet products. The crispiness of skin Lumpia that wraps its filling from selected Bumifood processed meat makes the Bumifood Gourmet Series product one of the selections that should not be missed to enlighten your day with friends and family.

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Bakso Udang Bitterballen

Dearest Bumifood Friends who confused about what to cook for our kid's lunchtime... Bumiku Kitchen with Chef Dea might be your solution to make delicious lunch for kids to school. Curious about the recipe? Stay tuned!

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