Bumifood Agroindustri

This Is Our Beginning

April 1973 was a special moment for our business journey.
At that time, Sekar Bumi officially established and could be said as pioneer in frozen shrimp manufacturing in Indonesia.
From its establishment, product quality is our main concern.
Best suppliers will always be our strategic partner for delivering raw materials. Quality control of our products also done without time limit.
We do all of those efforts with one believe, the consumer has the right to get best quality food products. Therefore, we believe that our quality of life will be lifted up.
In line with the importance of delivering best quality products, we proclaim “Quality Food Quality Life” as our tagline to sustain business.
As time goes by, our business progressively grow. We launch many new products, including Bumifood.
That brand started to enter Surabaya’s market at 1985, with focus in frozen food.

Continue To Grow

At first, Bumifood only deliver 5 product variants, such as meatball processing food, burger, fish ball, shrimp ball, and squid ball.
Due to public high enthusiasm with Bumifood products, we develop many new product variants.
Other than 5 products mentioned above, now Bumifood also offers dim sum products and ready to cook pastry, for example martabak, pastel, spring roll, and mini wonton.
Our products can be found at modern retail all around Indonesia, such as Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart, Lottemart, Ranch Market, and Foodhall.
Moreover, Bumifood products have reached out globally, even into Japan and United States of America.

Manufacturing Process

Moreover, Bumifood products have reached out globally, even into Japan and United States of America.


For information, our products’ reliability can be proven with HACCP and GMP sertification. We always implement food security system with hazard analysis in every process.

We also have laboratoriums to test our raw material or the finished products, especially from microbiology aspects. Beside that, halal sertification that renewed every 2 years also can be a guarantee that Bumifood products comply with halal aspects.


Our products’ reliability has lead us to achieve many awards. For example, Primaniyarta Awards in category exporter with best performance for 5 years in row.

On November 2017, we also achieve Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) Awards in category big food manufacturer.

One month after that, we gain award from Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Indonesia as the best fisheries manufacturing unit in export continuity.


We aim to be market leader in the frozen food industry. To achieve that, we always try our best to provide the best quality products for all consumers.

The main principle is practical but also delicious at the same time.

Now, our products have been used by many professional chefs, in order to serve food in hotels, restaurants,and also caterings.

We believe that the same product must also be accessible by households, so they can share happiness with all family members or friends.

Even, at their busiest time.